Game Deal or No Deal Free Edition

Posted: Maret 29, 2011 in Blackberry

Deal or No Deal adalah permainan kuiz yang cukup terkenal di layar TV. Sekarang permainan ini telah muncul di smatphone Blackberry. Beberapa bulan yang lalu game ini sebenarnya sudah launching, tetapi masih premium alias berbayar.Sekarang edisi yang gratisan sudah muncul dan bisa didownload. Dibawah ini adalah penjelasan mengenai game Deal or No Deal.
This is the ad service application before buying the application please try it once * At the start of each game, you would be asked to pick the lucky box from the available 26 boxes in the screen. *The lucky box contains a cash figure ranging from $ 0.01 to $1,000,000. * The game goes on to reveal the cash figures of the remaining boxes and removes the corresponding amounts from the table. * Here, in every round, you have an option of picking any suitcase you wish to open or you think it has less amount. *The Banker’s job is to tempt players into selling him the lucky box – when he calls he’ll make an offer to you and you must decide whether to Deal or not to Deal. *Simply click on the ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ button when the Banker’s Offer panel comes up. * Play this game & test your luck. * The high voltage hit TV game show is now available in BlackBerry. * Feel the excitement & tension by picking briefcases, & decide on the banker’s offers. * The user interface & the sounds make the game a little more interesting. * Flaunt the scores to the world and compare them with friends by connecting to Facebook. * The pressure will mount as new suit cases are opened each round. Will you quit? Will you go ahead or lose it all?

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